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Camper Makeover

Using materials that blend in to the surroundings are awesome for creating a great look. The alligator skull refers to the local wildlife, whereas palms in glass pots and fern-patterned pillows are hinting at the country vibe. The polish is made possible by using an extremely powerful gas pressure washer. Jasper gave his trailer a cool makeover recently, including a paint job, new lighting and loads of accessories. The new look is stylish, with paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and a fur rug on the ground. He splurged on lighting, but the tabletop accessories have been bought at budget-friendly shops. Plus, many gadgets inside are just dusted off a bit, including the icebox, the floor and a few counter tops. He selected a light-weight palette with a tad of color. He stripped the paint to show the original craftsmanship that went into making this trailer. Whatever your taste is, whether you prefer black or white, traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find some inspiration from this project.  You can at all times seek for any specific ideas by using the search field. Nothing is as essential in a camper as the kitchen. You need things shut away behind cupboard doors or something, because there will be a lot of movement when you’re driving. Let story inspire you to make an awesome camper in 2016.

After redoing the interior Jasper set about restoring the roof, including its antenna. He also found gorgeous pine flooring, however the planks were full of holes. Rather than change whole planks, he plugged up the openings with stoppers. He also discovered a fascinating trick. More on this next post!

Make your garden ready for winter

When you love gardening at home, it is very important to keep all plants and trees suitable for all seasons. Winter season is fast approaching. It is the right time to make preparations for your garden for the longer months forward. In order to make your garden ready for the upcoming winter season, you have to make the following preparations.


Some gardening tips for winter:

  • Protect young plants with guards – The gardener should put a wire or plastic tree guards around the young plants/trees to protect them from animals, such as mice and rabbits. At the same time, you should make sure that these tree guards are high enough to stay above any snow that might fall.
  • Use the yard’s leaves – You should consider cutting up the fall leaves and use them as the winter mulch on the flower beds. Such cut leaves are the best treat to your garden soil. You should also clean up all fall leaves from the ground and keep your garden clean.
  • Continue watering your plants– In order to maintain your trees and plants evergreens, it is essential to continuously pouring water until the ground freezes. Evergreens require the best level of moisture in the soil which is perfect for the winter season. This is because the tree will not lose the leaves but they always continue to leak out vapour throughout the cold months.
  • Apply lawn fertilizer – Application of the lawn fertilizer taken care in the late fall will surely encourage the winter hardiness and also promotes fast greening in the spring season.
  • Controlling lawn weeds – If the gardener is spraying your lawn for controlling the broadleaf weeds, the October month is the best time to do this work.


Make your garden ready for winter:

  • Clean out fallen leaves from lawn – It is highly essential to clean out all fallen leaves from your lawn in order to maintain your garden clean and neat. Leaving falling leaves from the top of the lawn can be very helpful to smoother the grass and creating more sugars to store in the roots.
  • Weeding – You have to discard any weeds which have some seeds on them rather than composting them. You just don’t want such horrible seeds developing in your garden.
  • Mow your lawn – Once you have finished all arrangements for the winter season, it is better cutting out the top of your lawn to make it ready to absorb the necessary amount of moisture to be greeny at all.
  • Weeding and edging – You need to do the final edging and weeding of the flower beds.
  • Good compromiseA good compromise in making arrangements for the winter season in your garden is removing the stalks and leaves which cold turns to the mush and which are diseased. But it is better keeping some ornamental grasses and perennials along with the seed heads which are very helpful to provide winter foods especially to the birds.