Camper Makeover

Using materials that blend in to the surroundings are awesome for creating a great look. The alligator skull refers to the local wildlife, whereas palms in glass pots and fern-patterned pillows are hinting at the country vibe. The polish is made possible by using an extremely powerful gas pressure washer. Jasper gave his trailer a cool makeover recently, including a paint job, new lighting and loads of accessories. The new look is stylish, with paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and a fur rug on the ground. He splurged on lighting, but the tabletop accessories have been bought at budget-friendly shops. Plus, many gadgets inside are just dusted off a bit, including the icebox, the floor and a few counter tops. He selected a light-weight palette with a tad of color. He stripped the paint to show the original craftsmanship that went into making this trailer. Whatever your taste is, whether you prefer black or white, traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find some inspiration from this project.  You can at all times seek for any specific ideas by using the search field. Nothing is as essential in a camper as the kitchen. You need things shut away behind cupboard doors or something, because there will be a lot of movement when you’re driving. Let story inspire you to make an awesome camper in 2016.

After redoing the interior Jasper set about restoring the roof, including its antenna. He also found gorgeous pine flooring, however the planks were full of holes. Rather than change whole planks, he plugged up the openings with stoppers. He also discovered a fascinating trick. More on this next post!


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